At Afrolush we recognise the fashion industry has a crucial responsibilty to improve it's practices to better protect the environment and care for the people who support our business. We are focused on  being environmentallly and socially responsible. We ensure that all our designers are aligned with our ethical values and commitment towards sustainability.

Our sustainability values at Afrolush include:

  • to preserve the environment
  • to protect the planet
  • to improve our community
  • to minimize our carbon footprint
  • to get to zero waste
  • to get to carbon neutral

Afrolush partners will be expected to:

  • to minimise waste and pollution
  • ensure products are made responsibly
  • be energy efficient
  • use clean energy sources
  • recycle everywhere possible
  • treat employees fairly
  • be diverse and inclusive

Sustainability Audit

Afrolush is commited to periodically completing sustainability audits in order to ensure our partners are implementing best practices to adhere to our social and environmental responsibilities.

Our sustainability audit will cover the below areas:

  • Governance
  • Social Impact: Workers
  • Social Impact: Civic Engagement & Giving
  • Environmental Impact: Waste reduction
  • Environmental Impact: Resource Conservation
  • Environmental Impact: Carbon Footprint and Toxic Reductions
  • Environmental Impact: Product development and Life Cycle
  • Environmental and Social Impact: Supply Chain and Procurement