About Us

Who we are?

Founded in 2022, Afrolush is an e-commerce marketplace for the buying and selling of premium contemporary African clothing and accessories. Afrolush showcases both established and exciting upcoming designers of African heritage. Afrolush is redefining and altering the way in which we shop for  African fashion by presenting the most exclusive and original brands on one platform. We are passionate about the talent and creativity emanating from the continent & are committed to presenting the hottest African brands to our global audience. Let Afrolush be your gateway to experience the joy and vibrancy that African culture has to offer!

Our Vision

Our vision is to amplify the voices of designers of African heritage & widen the reach of African culture through the vessel of fashion. Afrolush will provide access to the world's most recognisable & emerging premium contemporary African brands.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower, embolden and enable our community of designers with African heritage to provide their premium products to a global marketplace. We aim to inspire people around the world by reflecting renowned brands & creative minds through our world leading online marketplace for African fashion brands. Afrolush aims to maximise the exposure of our brands whilst telling their unique stories on our platform. Our platform will serve as an unparalleled venue to our designers to display their talent and skills to the world. Our mission is to spread African Fashion to a global community and we ultimately believe in the power of fashion to change attitudes, ideas and world view. Our mission is ultimately to bring African fashion to the forefront and communicate the transformative experience of African culture through the language of fashion.

Our History

Afrolush was founded in 2022 by Ifeoma Adilih aka Ify. Ify was born in Glasgow and soon after this her family returned to Nigeria where she spent her formative years before returning to live in England at 9 years old. Despite returning to live in the UK, Ify was raised with a strong understanding of her  Nigerian heritage and culture. Ify is from the Igbo tribe of Southeastern Nigeria which enjoys a rich, vibrant and flamboyant culture. Growing up in England Ify also strongly identifies with  British culture  which gives her a unique multicultural outlook on life,  a rich tapestry of experiences & wide ranging perspectives influenced by her experience of living across 2 continents. Afrolush bridges the gap between Ify's African heritage and British upbringing through the medium of Contemporary African Fashion which mixes both worlds.

Afrolush was born of Ify's excitement for the talents of African designers & the desire to ensure her fellow Africans from the continent/diaspora had the platform to showcase their incredible collections to the world. Ify is passionate about Afrolush and the inclusive nature of the platform which amplifies underrepresented voices within the fashion industry. 

Ify has made a  life long commitment to championing African excellence, quality & innovation in creativity & design through forming partnerships with the best African designers across the world. Ify aims to facilitate growth & connectivity in the exciting space of Contemporary African Fashion.