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Join our world leading e-commerce site for contemporary African clothing and accessories to reach mass buyers and unleash the full potential of your business. Our buyers are looking for your creative and innovative products.

Why sell with us?

· Afrolush consistently executes wide reaching and high-profile advertising campaigns at a national level, for the sole purpose of increasing your profile to potential customers

· Benefit from our readymade and high-quality e-commerce platform to display and sell your designs.

· Secure payment offered by Afrolush will allow all vendors on the website to accept a multitude of payment options including credit card payments, pay pal etc.

· Vendors are vetted and approved by Afrolush via virtual/face to face meetings

· Afrolush is open to vendors of all sizes. We interview each vendor to gain a better understanding of their business, products and supply chains and ability to deliver to the consumers on our platform

· Access to 24/7 Afrolush customer services

· We provide our sellers with data regarding their progress e.g. sellers have access to their own dashboards to track orders, revenue etc.

Getting started

  1. Register with Afrolush - Create your shop

  2. Add products - Add your products to the shop. List your fabulous items with photos, price and descriptions etc

  3. Start selling - Set up payment and shipping, and start selling 

Afrolush Fees

  • Subscription fees - It's free to sign up with Afrolush. We reserve the right to impose an annual subscription fee. 

  • Commision fees - Afrolush takes a small commission on all sales on our site

Seller Dashboard

Once you register as an Afrolush seller, you’ll have access to your Seller Dashboard account. Afrolush Seller Dashboard is your go-to resource for selling on Afrolush. It’s a portal to your Afolush shop and a one-stop shop for managing your selling account, adding products, adding images, product description, making inventory updates, managing payments, creating coupons, creating featured products and managing queries. 

  • Please contact us to find out further information on becoming a seller on Afrolush

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